Safe platform that guarantees your money to be loaned out within our secured system that you can control from your dashboard and experience the full potential of our platform.

Create your account, connect your wallet and follow the easy steps to set your strategy that works best for you through this new redesigned application.
We're so excited to reintroduce a new identity, a new look and new features of our cryptocurrency lending application that delivers good experience.
This has brought our company to take a big step in our development for every valuable user we have that we decided to buy out Poloniex Lending Bot application that originally provided the service for years and we're challanged to make it better. We decided to give it a rework that completely separates our brand new application from its predecessor.

I began by exploring Poloniex Lending Bot for about 2 weeks and understanding our primary users. I spoke with some users about their personal experience with the application and really took my time to understand how they felt and what I should do to improve our product. Our target audience come from different age groups and backgrounds, but they're the kind of people who have plenty of experience in cryptocurrency, are tech-savvy and risk-taker. This is a unique kind of audience because cryptocurrency brought them together.

The research process went pretty simple, I was pretty fortunate to work with the actual web application as reference and it really helped my process to identify the problems better and as a user I have the first-hand experience that gave me key information I needed along with the interview I had with other users. I also explored some new ideas for the interface that would be suitable with the direction I had in my mind. The goal was simply to build a new application that serves the same purpose with better experience and new persona.

We had to keep the majority of the UI structure and reuse some components, due to how little time we had and this new web-app had to go live within a month. My sketching process was pretty straight-forward, it's mostly about reskinning the existing components and definitely redesigned some components that were poorly made.

I built low-fidelity wireframes with some changes made that definitely improved the quality of my. Kudos to my team members for feeding me great feedbacks. After tested the wireframe and we felt good about it I proceeded to build prototypes to see if the user experience felt right overall and thankfully we did not experience any hiccups here. I ended this stage by creating the journey map and user flow documents.

Before the documents were given to the developers. This is the last stage where I refined components, placed colors and added details that brought the interface to life. Not only to make it beautiful, but it also has to give users a sense of easiness and purpose. It has to feel clean, unique and sophisticated. I finished up with the documents of layout and UI component for our developers.

Then it went to production where I worked closely with developers to make sure everything is built accordingly. We (selected users and my team) tested every single web page and made necessary adjustments. This back and forth communication is critical to ensure the final product to work just as how it's supposedly without any issues.

Finally the product went live. We all surely felt proud. We planned to build the version 2 some time in the future, but it has not been decided. Just wait.