Light-weight centralized web application that helps managing your account and your traders' account just from your browser. From setting up rules, monitoring performance and generating report. All you need is here.

The new Spire account management system is smart and easy to use. Requesting changes on your account is now easier and do not worry, you can track your request history.
Improve all existing tools and innovate new tools that will improve the experience of managing account of managers and traders.
To optimize its user experience we decided to build the account management application as a web application and by doing that we believe that we're able to optimize the experience of our product with new ideas in the future.

We worked with the same users who use Spire Trading software. They're full-time traders who trade daily on our software and this application is built to facilitate all activities that are related to their account (changing risk controls, entitlements and compliance settings). Where it provides more tools specifically for administrators to have full control of managing traders and monitoring their activities.

My research goal was to find an answer to solve communication issue that frequently appeared when someone's account was changed or when a user asked for a change on his/her account. Some users expressed their concerns because there wasn't a way for them to find out when a change was made on their account without having the administrator notified them through email or phone. This also led me to understand that the administator's tools were poor built. Hence we wanted to rebuild all the tools to simply help our administrators doing their tasks. With all these added in my consideration I began my research and collected a lot of visual ideas, user experience data and feedbacks from our traders.

I created low fidelity wireframes to see the balance of the UI structure and try to make make it very intuitive and reasonable. We did a sit down together and we definitely found some errors that I was able to revise. We again did another round of sit down and we felt the design was good and we decided to move on. As usual I created both journey map and user flow documents and I began my wireframing stage.

Now to feel a more realistic experience of this web application, I created prototypes of our product. These high quality prototypes provided us with a better understand of how the application felt at this stage. We then analyzed it and made some comments of how they felt with the product. I then made revisions and we decided to do another round of test to make sure this is the design we wanted.

This final stage was all about refining all the pages. Of course I worked with our brand colors and this web application should feel the same just like our trading software. It's bright and clean. Readibility is important, because our web application has a lot of data. After that I created both UI component and UI layout documents for our developers to follow.

Our product is currently being built and I have been managing the production closely and we are working hard to finish it by next year.